Jacki Lane

Jacki Lane, Owner of Pulse Newport & Bellevue Barre Studios, has been involved in the fitness industry in some form since 1986, when she first became certified to teach Aerobics. Over 20 years, she has done certifications in Yoga, Spinning, Aquatic Fitness and Personal training. Her specialty – GETTING MORE OUT OF THE HOUR. Combined workouts, cardio & conditioning and creativity at ALL TIMES. She has worked with clients of all ages and abilities, and can modify for any issues and injuries in most classes/camps. Jacki is a mom of three – and knows how important working out is for her mom-clients bodies, and their minds. A favorite quote from a camper ~ “I needed to burn off some energy, now I can be nice to my kids all day!” She developed the FitCamp concept in 2005 and worked with many trainers on the island to help them run similar programs. She has also written a training manual on how to teach FitCamp and currently sells it across the country. She strives to bring NEW trends in fitness to the Newport Community – She’ll keep her fingers on the ‘pulse’ and bring it to you.

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Annemarie Cazzarro

What’s your favorite workout?
My favorite workout is one that completely exhausts me – I love to jump and I love strength work! I like challenging myself trying new things.
Who’s your inspiration in the fitness world?
I have had many inspirations in our local fitness world Mimi Walsh, Megan Weymouth and Carol Perry when I was younger, Charlotte Armstrong and of course Jacki and Kathy later on 🙂
What are your music tastes?
High energy with heavy beats. I like most types of music but I will say country is not my favorite 😉
Do you have rhythm and do choreography or go with circuits & timed drills? I do have rhythm but I don’t choreograph my workouts. I get very creative you never know what to expect though I will always have a modification for anything you don’t feel comfortable doing.

Annemarie teaches great cardio strength combo classes includine MaxIntensity, AssKicker with Annemarie, Bootcamp and Pure Strength.  She also accepts a limited amount of personal training clients.

Email [email protected] to set up a complimentary initial consultation.mail her!  [email protected]

Chris Lane

Chris Lane is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer who focuses on strength and bodybuilding with just enough cardio to keep the fat off but not risk muscle tapping fatigue. His classes are said to be PERFECT for those wanting to build lean upper body muscle.  If you want a no-frills STRENGTH session Chris is your guy.  
Chris’s classes are Mondays and Fridays at Noon at the Original Pulse, 1 Casino Terrace, Newport.

Lisa Fitzpatrick

What’s your favorite workout? Barre. It’s my absolute favorite. I started off with rowing when I first joined the team. However once I taught my first barre class I was hooked. I love the way it works every little muscle in the body. I love hearing from clients the were sore in places they never knew was possible. Side note. Barre clothes are the best 🙂

Who’s your inspiration in the fitness world? There are many people in the fitness world on a daily basis. I’m constantly browsing Instagram trying to get ideas. Some of my favorites are Tracey Mallet ~ founder of The Bootybarre and Simone De la Rue ~ founder of Body by Simone.

What are your music tastes? I have a very big range of music when it comes to my classes. In one playlist you can expect music from all decades. A lot of fun remakes. Anything that inspires & motivates me when I’m browsing Spotify gets added. Music can make or break the workout!

Do you have rhythm and do choreography or go with circuits & timed drills? I prefer to go with the flow of the class and vibe of the music playing than an actual beat, so you can count on me to move with YOU rather than the music to get the best workout!

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Erika Saviano

What about YOU do you think your clients love about you?
*I think the way I can always find a way to connect on a personal level with my clients. Fitness is not just a physical experience, but mental and emotional as well. It’s important to me as a trainer, to remind individuals what they are capable of, when they may have forgotten themselves.

What’s your favorite workout?
I love a good cardio sweat fest!

Who’s your inspiration in the fitness world?
I follow so many different individuals in the fitness world; from athletes, to yogis, and other new mom’s trying to juggle it all. I feel that learning from different people creates a more well rounded Self; body, mind, and soul.

What are your music tastes?
As my clients know, I have a pretty eclectic taste in music and love bringing that into my classes. And of course I love my 80’s hairbands 🙂

Do you have rhythm and do choreography or go with circuits & timed drills?
Apparently I have rhythm, but only on a spin bike! I love creating my workouts around the playlist I’ve created

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Frank Brow

Frank has over 20 years of experience coaching high school athletics and has an extreme desire to motivate others to be the best they can be. As an athlete himself he enjoys a variety of training. He uses interval training methods to shred fat and rip muscles . Frank has the ability to work with any age group, from young athletes to anyone just starting out that wants to get moving. His motto “Do the best you can with what you got”

Why people enjoy my classes… Get it done, no frills attitude Favorite workout…. Total Body, drenched in sweat Fitness inspiration… my hot wife Music.. love the boom boom. Gotta have a great beat Workout style…. circuit/ timed training… make the most of your minute.

Samantha Baker

Samantha joined the Pulse Training Team in Spring of 2022.

Her certifications include…

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach & Virtual Coaching

She’s starting out as a Personal Trainer and will offer a few Small Group Training sessions… starting with Friday afternoons at 4!  We’re looking forward to watching her GROW!

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Aine Cunningham

Born and raised on Aquidneck Island, Aine has grown up playing on soccer, lacrosse, tennis and cross country teams.  Fitness has been a routine in her life since her childhood.

She is currently certified in Spin classes and is training for her 200 hour yoga certification that she is stoked to bring to Pulse in April, 2022.

While Aine’s not making clients smile at the gym, she’s working  at Forster Orthodontics during the week focusing on making sure children & adults have the perfect smile to give.  

Other activities she enjoys are beaching, hiking and traveling.

You can catch Aine teaching Tues/Thurs 6pm Spin and Friday 730 Spintervals – email her for a free trial of her style at [email protected]vino026@g.rwu.edu

Brianna Martin

 I am a local Aquidneck Islander and love being surrounded by water. I enjoy being at the beach or on the boat any chance I get.

I have always enjoyed being active but truly found my passion for fitness when I took my first boot camp with Jacki. I was so inspired by the Pulse community that I decided to take my love for fitness to the next level.

I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer. High energy workouts that take me to my physical limit are my favorite. Mixing strength training with bursts of cardio is a fun and exciting way to stay fit!

After becoming certified as a Personal Trainer I added a TRX Certification to my resume and also teach at Orange Theory Fitness.

I look forward to working with you in camp, class or privately to help you achieve your goals!

Email [email protected] to set up an individual consult for personal training.

Cam Miller

Cam joined the Pulse Training Team in Summer of 2020 and has decided to vary his training style from the ‘norm’ at Pulse by focusing on Personal Training for Strength Gain and special populations including SST (Senior Strength Training), Kids Fitness and Special Needs Fitness.

Cam’s classes include:

Studio Circuit Strength & Cardio 12:00 – 1:00 Wednesday

Pure Strength Thursday 9:45 – 10:30

FFT Focused Functional Strength Thursday 1030 – 1115 am

Special Needs Fitness Thursday at 1:45 pm

Email [email protected] to set up a complimentary initial consultation and get started training!acovino026@g.rwu.edu

Leslie Brow

Leslie Brow has been working in the fitness world since her college days. For the past 15 years Leslie has been teaching a combination of body sculpting,boot camp and spin in RI. She has also attained her personal training certification. Creating new playlist and learning new trends in group exercises is a passion she has. Fitting in her workout is a must do. When she is not at the gym she is a Special Education Administrator.

“The best thing someone can do is tell me I can’t do something – Game on”

FAQ about Leslie

What about YOU do you think your clients love about you?- Class always brings a new challenge whether it is a plank combination, body bar press, or a bosu routine. Together we are constantly challenging our fitness routine.

What’s your favorite workout? I really like to change it up but sweating is a must.

Who’s your inspiration in the fitness world? My fitness craze began with my mother and it has continued to stay in the family. Know Frank and I prioritize our workouts every week!

What are your music tastes? Has to have a good beat!Do you have rhythm and do choreography or go with circuits & timed drills? I use the music and timed intervals to motivate and challenge the class.


Christine Higgins

Christine Higgins has ben an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer since 2007, and joined the Pulse Team in 2016.  While she does mostly one-on-one Personal Training, she has received certifications over the past 14 years in Spartan SGX Training, Madd Dog Spinning, Tabata Bootcamp, Core Barre and Sports Nutrition Coaching.

As a former athlete, she has been coaching at the high school level for the past 6 years.  Her passion for fitness and sports has led her to challenge and pursue her own competitive edge in Spartan races, trail/road races, triathlons & duathlons.  

Her favorite workout style combines cardio and strength training intervals to challenge your aerobic/anaerobic systems and achieve a great workout burn while mixing it up so your workout is never the same.  Her favorite motto:  “Get comfortable with the uncomfortable, and if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.”  While this is her belief, she will work with you at your current level and push you when you are ready.  It’s not where we start, but where we finish.

Email [email protected] or text 1.401.662.2044 to set up a complimentary initial consultation.  

Liz Castle

Email [email protected]com for help getting started on YOUR fitness lifestyle with Liz!

Jenn Mouser

Jenn is a former California girl turned New Englander. She began her journey into yoga back in high school, when she got curious about how she could add balance to her athletic lifestyle. Jenn took one hot yoga class and was hooked!

Jenn is a 400-hr certified yoga teacher through Strength & Soul Yoga and the Humble Warrior Yoga teacher training program. She is also registered with Yoga Alliance.

With a strong choreography background (and a bad a$$ playlist), you can expect Jenn to bring a well balanced flow that will leave your mind, body and spirit feeling strong & uplifted. The deep inner healing and self- growth that Jenn has experienced herself through a disciplined yoga practice is something that she is most passionate about bringing awareness to for others. Yoga is so much more than the physical practice, and Jenn can’t wait to help you explore that magic.

When she’s not on her mat, you can most likely find Jenn spending time with family and friends, on a beach with her toes in the sand, picking out only the best sea shells with her 4 year old son Austin and Golden Retriever Goose!

Courtney Walsh

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