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Yoga for Athletes Sundays 730 - 845 with Greg
Starts 12/5, 12/5 Free to First Signups!

 is a powerful, energetic class designed for athletic individuals in need of flexibility training in order to prevent injuries and recover faster.  Linking breath, poses, and transitions into a flow designed to facilitate a moving form of meditation this class is physically challenging and designed for all levels while providing advanced practitioners playful variations.
About Gregory Angel
“As a long-time runner, triathlete, yogi and retired US Army Green Beret I have always placed a high priority on living a healthy and active lifestyle.  The shift from competition in both my personal and professional life with led to numerous injuries and unnecessary stress to a more natural, holistic approach to fitness took years to adopt and has now become a core belief in my personal approach to health and wellbeing.  I encourage a balanced approach to wellness by establishing a healthy, realistic, and sustainable path to fitness that will lead to towards attaining your individual goals.  My classes are designed to be physically challenging in a playful, stress-free environment while focusing on fundamental alignment and yogic philosophy.”


All of our trainers will give you a taste of their style of training free for the first time.  Check the schedule HERE and EMAIL to reserve.


Our BOOTCAMPS are a 6-7 week immersive program geared around helping you melt fat, build lean muscle, boost your metabolism and SUCCEED ON YOUR FITNESS JOURNEY.  We start with body composition testing, include nutrition monitoring, and finish with a test to see how well you did.  Once these clients succeed, they tend to never leave!

Our CLASSES range from barre to bootcamp, hiit to spin, and include many creative concoctions we’ve designed over the years.  You’ll rarely repeat a workout and always leave looking forward to coming back.

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